Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Puppy Is For Life.

First of all today is my brother's 26th birthday, Happy Birthday to him. I believe he got a Nintendo Switch from his lovely girlfriend, meanwhile i got him lots of Oreos. Both good, both good.

So i went down to Walsall to be tattooed by the wonderful Kimberly at Goodall Street Tattoo Parlour, i've known Kim for some time since we shared a room during our trip to New York in 2014, we were on the same course at university and now she's begun her tattoo apprenticeship.


She's quite the traditional tattoo artist and frankly her drawings of dogs melt my heart, they are too sweet. So, of course i had to have my first ever dog, the dog i longed for since i was a little girl, the dog i got in so much trouble for because i wouldn't stop asking, 'Pip', transformed into a tattoo.
Now she will walk with me forever & wherever i go. Pip certainly approves.

Check out Kimberly's Instagram & Go get Tattooed!

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