Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My Tarantula Has Turned Into A Different Species!?

Chrysa my tarantula spiderling has changed species overnight, once known as an Avicularia Versicolor she has 'magically transformed' and in so doing has become part of a newly recognised genus known as the Caribena and shall now be known as the Caribena Versicolor.

Okay, so quite obviously my tarantula hasn't changed one bit but rather two Arachnologists have created a new genus in which the Versicolor will now fall under as of March 2017. What makes them fall under this new Caribena genus and no longer part of the Avicularia?

Well there are two main reasons why this genus has been created and so far only two tarantulas have been accepted; both of which were previously part of the Avicularia Genus. Unlike Avicularia, Caribena are found in the Antilles whereas Avicularia species are found in mainland South and Central America. The other reason for this separation is a physical characteristic as Caribena are distinguished by having longer and thinner type II urticating hairs in a conspicuous patch on the upper surface of the abdomen. 

Interesting right!? I imagine that changing species is hard work but Chrysa doesn't seem too fussed about it all.