Monday, 19 December 2016

Oh My Gosh, We Have Babies!?

I can't quite believe it, today seven tiny pink jelly beans appeared in my rat's hammock.  How did they get there!? I returned from a normal day at work with my parents saying they had some news, after the last news I got when I returned from work I wasn't so excited but this time they had a huge grin on their faces. "You'll never guess, follow me, I'll show you". Earlier that morning I had to dash off and so I asked mum to check on the rats, to her surprise as she opened up the hammock there snuggled up were rat babies!

But who's were they? I think I had a good idea, Bodhi, the one gaining weight, I had noticed. When we picked up our three new girls two weeks ago we were assured none were pregnant, so I thought nothing of it, after all she's in a new rat group, maybe she's getting more food.

Because we haven't had her long and the group is quite new we moved her and babies to a separate cage for safety. I'm excited, but man, I've a lot of research to do tonight.