Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Skin Diver Body Modification

Today i decided i wanted a new piercing and one that i'd recently been thinking about was a dermal anchor in my hand. I had to phone four places before i found someone that would be willing to put one in my hand due to the high chance of it getting caught and being pulled out.

I went into Abacus in Derby and the piercing lady informed me that a skin diver would be a much better piercing for my hand, it works very similar to a dermal anchor but it's smaller and i will not be able to change the top, it does not unscrew. Because of that i chose a simple silver one but there were many colours to choose from, spikes, rainbow gemstones, it took me a good five minutes to pick one.

So the pain, pretty much painless. The area was frozen and if anything it's just a very bizarre sensation, she took a very tiny metal rod that is very much like an apple corer and took out a small circle chunk of my skin and in goes the diver, the things i do right!?

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