Monday, 11 April 2016

Swimming With Sharks At London SeaLife Aquarium

At the weekend i did something amazing... I swam with the sharks at the London SeaLife Aquarium! Swimming with the sharks was my Christmas gift from my boyfriend Alex, sadly on Christmas day i broke my arm and couldn't do the dive on the 2nd January as planned. London sealife were very kind and rearranged us for the 9th April because we knew i'd be up and running again by then. 

I travelled by train down to my boyfriends flat in London where i proceeded to have a nap, i mean it was super early. We headed on down to London Sealife for 12 noon, we were given instructions to arrive an hour before the shark diving time at 1:30pm. We had a quick wander and at 12:30pm we were taken on a backstage tour for an hour to see everything that goes on from fish in quarantine, a rebel turtle and of course finally the backstage shark tank where they keep all the big ones! 

Quick briefing and costume sizing done we were sent to get changed, there were three people diving including me and three spectators including Alex. I was first one in of course, getting prime position and i stayed in awe for the full 20 minutes, it flew by! Watching my favourite animals swim right up next to me, i mean it was breath taking and you can see the sort of view i had in the video despite the poor quality. The sharks i swam with were Black Tip Reef Sharks (a shark i have swam with in the ocean before), Nurse Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks & Brown Sharks. 

It's something i'd do again for sure but i hope to get scuba qualified soon and have more experiences like this in the big blue sea, no net included!

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