Sunday, 10 April 2016

London Cat Village Remember Us

Have you ever been somewhere so much that they begin to remember you? Well Alex & I have and it happens to be the best place in the world... London Cat Village. Every time we go there we are remembered, perhaps because it's a tourist place where most people go once for the experience, not us, we go all the time and we love it. 

If you have never been and aren't far away then get yourself down there but make sure to book as not to be disappointed. I've already taken a pen pal there and other pen pals have gone since i have told them about my visits, it's just a great place.

Of course there are cats but the food is also worth visiting for, they do a range of light snacks and cake. As you can see i chose the delicious passion fruit cheese cake, yum yum! The man whom i can only assume is the manager also gave us both a free gourmet chocolate chip cookie with chocolate drizzle on the house, ahem, yes that's right cats and free cookies! Sometime's being remembered pays off...

We've been going since some of the cats were wee baby kittens and it's brilliant to see how they've grown, there's a particular cat that was a kitten when we first met him that captured my heart. He's a Scottish Fold cat called Oscar and sadly i didn't see him this time but i know he's still there.

Yesterday i did something pretty spectacular, so watch this space tomorrow...

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  1. This was truly a great experience and I'll have to do it next time I'm in London with you again!