Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Meeting My New Fur Baby Ponyo!

World, i'd like to introduce you to my new furry baby Ponyo the Syrian hamster. So, for years now I've been wanting a little hamster to give myself some responsibility, I've had three Syrian hamsters in the past when i was young and they're just sweet little things, obviously my parents did most of the looking after back then, i'd just help with feeding and occasionally with the cleaning out but now that i'm 21 she's completely my responsibility, something i'm lacking in my life right now. Of course it took some persuasion as we have two Jack Russell Terriers, if you're familiar with that breed of dog they instinctively hunt out rats, mice, anything that's small and moves basically which ultimately could end in disaster and heart break. So far they haven't even noticed her, i make sure my door is closed whenever i get her out of the cage and my family call out first before entering if they see it closed so it is all going pretty well in regards to no dog/hamster contact.

On Saturday 12th March, Myself and Alex went down to my local pet store, i'd actually gone in before picking him up from the station to see what hamsters they had, in that case i could go somewhere else in town if they hadn't one i loved. No worries there though i fell in love with two, the first one (the one i didn't get) was a short hair greyish-brown banded Syrian hamster, she was the tiniest of them all, i was almost certain i'd pick her out until a lady that worked there wanted to show me the one she liked, she lifted up the igloo and out popped many sleepy eyes including the furriest little grey hamster i'd ever seen now known as Ponyo! 

Ponyo and I are bonding really well, she has such a sweet temperament, she nibbles at my fingers sometimes if i smell like food but that doesn't hurt and she tried to bite me once when i attempted to remove her from her apple house, lesson learnt never wake a sleeping hamster and stick your fingers in her house, she doesn't appreciate the rude intrusion. She is letting me hold her so well now, i'm very proud of her, there is still so much to learn about her and being a hamster mum but i can already tell she takes after me because she sleeps all day long.

Keep up with Ponyo's Adventure's over on her blog, after all A Ponyo A Day Keeps The Sadness At Bay.

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