Monday, 29 February 2016

Visiting Twycross Zoo With Alex

Yesterday my boyfriend Alex and I visited Twycross Zoo, i went a short while ago with my Mum where we then purchased annual passes! Do you know what that means? I can go to the zoo everyday without it costing me anymore than the £50 for the pass, if i go one more time then i'll have already made it worth buying.

Of course we saw many adorable animals from the big elephants to the tiny lorikeets that you can see us both feeding above, one even landed on Alex's head! I love the enclosure's that you can interact with the animals in, at Twycross Zoo there are four, Lorikeet Landing, Walking With The Lemurs, Petting The Goats at the farm and The Butterfly Garden. To feed the Lorikeets they have two timings during the day and a limited number of nectar pots so they don't get too chubby, so make sure you get there early.

Both time's now that i've been in with the butterflies they have mistaken the bright red flowers on my bag for real one's, they must be so appealing yet such a disappointment, i have yet to get a snap of them on my bag but i will not give up.

Twycross Zoo have many rescued animals, including their elephants but not only that they also do a great job helping conservation for animals in the wild, take a look at their current conservation projects.

We found a photo booth near the gorilla enclosure and of course it was time to get pulling some funny faces, here is one of the beautiful photo's, can you tell we were having a wonderful time?
What animal's have you seen at the zoo recently?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Here comes a Newbie!

Hello & Welcome to my blog. Whilst i am accustomed to blogging, this type of blog is new to me and quite frankly i'm terrible at templates and coding, i hope we can watch my knowledge grow along with my blog.

So, Who is 'The Little Gremlin'?

Well, I am Amy a 21 year old illustration student, albeit on a very long gap year, i look to finish my studies in June 2017. I was originally to finish in June 2015, but that's a story for another time. What's the rush aye? I aspire to become a tattoo artist in the future, but for the same reasons as not being at university it's not quite the right time for me, but one day it most certainly will. I love animals and i recently volunteered in Thailand for a week with rescued elephants, no doubt i will make a post soon about that experience, i also support WWF and Sharks Trust. Bringing me on to my favourite things, sharks, Michael Jackson and Gremlins! You'll be hearing a lot about those three things in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this little intro and continue to follow me on my blogging journey. One last thing please check out my friend Len's blog The Dutch Story, she is my pen pal in Amsterdam and we've been corresponding for some time, it's her blog that has inspired me to go ahead and plunge into the lifestyle blogging world! Take care all and i'll see you next time.