Monday, 19 December 2016

Oh My Gosh, We Have Babies!?

I can't quite believe it, today seven tiny pink jelly beans appeared in my rat's hammock.  How did they get there!? I returned from a normal day at work with my parents saying they had some news, after the last news I got when I returned from work I wasn't so excited but this time they had a huge grin on their faces. "You'll never guess, follow me, I'll show you". Earlier that morning I had to dash off and so I asked mum to check on the rats, to her surprise as she opened up the hammock there snuggled up were rat babies!

But who's were they? I think I had a good idea, Bodhi, the one gaining weight, I had noticed. When we picked up our three new girls two weeks ago we were assured none were pregnant, so I thought nothing of it, after all she's in a new rat group, maybe she's getting more food.

Because we haven't had her long and the group is quite new we moved her and babies to a separate cage for safety. I'm excited, but man, I've a lot of research to do tonight.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Welcome To The World Baby Jack

On Sunday 18th September (Just!) my cousin Sarah and her husband Greg* gave birth to a little baby boy named Jack. Today my mum and I got to meet the little cutie, we both got cuddles although he decided to be very vocal and i'm definitely not in tune with babies, i don't know what they want and i don't know how to fix them. 

He cried a lot, because he was hungry and if he wasn't hungry he had wind, then he had a full nappy and of course he doesn't like to be nakey. He was still super cute with his little grump face. 
Babies are tough, huge kudos to mums around the world.

(* Greg did not give birth)

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Skin Diver Body Modification

Today i decided i wanted a new piercing and one that i'd recently been thinking about was a dermal anchor in my hand. I had to phone four places before i found someone that would be willing to put one in my hand due to the high chance of it getting caught and being pulled out.

I went into Abacus in Derby and the piercing lady informed me that a skin diver would be a much better piercing for my hand, it works very similar to a dermal anchor but it's smaller and i will not be able to change the top, it does not unscrew. Because of that i chose a simple silver one but there were many colours to choose from, spikes, rainbow gemstones, it took me a good five minutes to pick one.

So the pain, pretty much painless. The area was frozen and if anything it's just a very bizarre sensation, she took a very tiny metal rod that is very much like an apple corer and took out a small circle chunk of my skin and in goes the diver, the things i do right!?

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Getting My First Tarantula

Today i adopted my first ever Tarantula, i have wanted a T since i was a little girl, yes i've always been weird and talking to people today they can remember me going on and on about a particular T that i wanted after seeing it in a reptile house on a trip with my family. Well that T was the Pinktoe (Avicularia avicularia) native to Costa Rica, Brazil and the Southern Caribbean. I mean look at their little foot nubs, they're baby pink and something in little Amy thought that that was the most adorable thing she ever did see on a spider.

Of course it's taken me about 12 years to take the dive into owning one, whilst i'm not afraid of insects*, including spiders (i get that very much from my dad) i always assumed they'd be a hassle to keep requiring all sorts of expensive equipment. Turns out whilst some probably do there are many that do not and my little Pinktoe is one of those.

Pinktoe's are a new world arboreal species, this means they have urticating hairs and live high up opposed to on ground. They are docile but can run and jump very quickly and will flee rather than fight, they have a unique defence which involves flicking their faeces at potential predators. Whilst they do have urticating hairs they can not flick them off of their abdomen.

They are often a favourite for beginner's due to their docile nature and easy keep. I bought Rhodon with the cage he was already in to reduce any stress but i'm looking to replace it soon as it doesn't have as much height as i feel an arboreal species should have.

Believe it or not, until today i had never held a tarantula, so whilst being near a tarantula would not worry me actually having contact with one made me a little nervous. Rhodon is so light and fluffy though that it put my nerves to rest quickly and the more you do something the less out of the ordinary it becomes.

*with the exception of wasps/hornets, they terrify me dearly.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Swimming With Sharks At London SeaLife Aquarium

At the weekend i did something amazing... I swam with the sharks at the London SeaLife Aquarium! Swimming with the sharks was my Christmas gift from my boyfriend Alex, sadly on Christmas day i broke my arm and couldn't do the dive on the 2nd January as planned. London sealife were very kind and rearranged us for the 9th April because we knew i'd be up and running again by then. 

I travelled by train down to my boyfriends flat in London where i proceeded to have a nap, i mean it was super early. We headed on down to London Sealife for 12 noon, we were given instructions to arrive an hour before the shark diving time at 1:30pm. We had a quick wander and at 12:30pm we were taken on a backstage tour for an hour to see everything that goes on from fish in quarantine, a rebel turtle and of course finally the backstage shark tank where they keep all the big ones! 

Quick briefing and costume sizing done we were sent to get changed, there were three people diving including me and three spectators including Alex. I was first one in of course, getting prime position and i stayed in awe for the full 20 minutes, it flew by! Watching my favourite animals swim right up next to me, i mean it was breath taking and you can see the sort of view i had in the video despite the poor quality. The sharks i swam with were Black Tip Reef Sharks (a shark i have swam with in the ocean before), Nurse Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks & Brown Sharks. 

It's something i'd do again for sure but i hope to get scuba qualified soon and have more experiences like this in the big blue sea, no net included!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

London Cat Village Remember Us

Have you ever been somewhere so much that they begin to remember you? Well Alex & I have and it happens to be the best place in the world... London Cat Village. Every time we go there we are remembered, perhaps because it's a tourist place where most people go once for the experience, not us, we go all the time and we love it. 

If you have never been and aren't far away then get yourself down there but make sure to book as not to be disappointed. I've already taken a pen pal there and other pen pals have gone since i have told them about my visits, it's just a great place.

Of course there are cats but the food is also worth visiting for, they do a range of light snacks and cake. As you can see i chose the delicious passion fruit cheese cake, yum yum! The man whom i can only assume is the manager also gave us both a free gourmet chocolate chip cookie with chocolate drizzle on the house, ahem, yes that's right cats and free cookies! Sometime's being remembered pays off...

We've been going since some of the cats were wee baby kittens and it's brilliant to see how they've grown, there's a particular cat that was a kitten when we first met him that captured my heart. He's a Scottish Fold cat called Oscar and sadly i didn't see him this time but i know he's still there.

Yesterday i did something pretty spectacular, so watch this space tomorrow...

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Meet My Adventurous Arrietty!

Time for some good news, today i have a new baby! After everything that happened with my last hamster Ponyo i was left very heartbroken and sad but today after putting the finishing touches to her grave i felt like i was ready to love another hamster again, when you know you know right?

I took myself back to the same shop that I bought Ponyo from called Just For Pets, this time i went on my own, i just felt i wanted to do this alone. I asked a staff member to look at all of their hamsters as it was sleeping time. She went around the cages one by one and little sleepy eyes kept popping out to say hello! I saw a black and white one that i thought i might pick but i then saw a little greige (grey/beige) and white baby that happened to be the smallest hamster of all, she was most likely a runt. I'm almost certain she's the one i was going to pick when i got Ponyo because that one then was also the tiniest and the same colours, i think it was meant to be somehow.

She's settling in to her huge cage and has been on her wheel for hours straight, i'm certain she's never had one before. I think she'll really grow now that she has her own space to blossom.
So world meet... Arrietty!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Gone Too Soon Ponyo

Last Tuesday i lost my baby Ponyo, i am devastated to say the least. So, i'm going to keep this short because it just fills me with so much sadness and heartbreak. Unfortunately after our nightly cuddle where she fell asleep on my lap before i went to sleep and before she got ready to be awake for the rest of the night an accident occurred when i went back to put her in her cage, sadly she jumped out of my hands and landed on a hard surface, she fought so hard to stay with us and i couldn't be more proud of her. She passed surrounded by love as i stroked her little head, i gave her so many cuddles and made sure she knew how loved she was before and after. She's gone way too soon but in the short time i had her she brought me so much love and joy, i fell head over heals for her instantly, she was such a gentle baby. Please know that whilst her time with me was short she was so loved and never wanted for anything. I'll miss you Ponyo.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Meeting My New Fur Baby Ponyo!

World, i'd like to introduce you to my new furry baby Ponyo the Syrian hamster. So, for years now I've been wanting a little hamster to give myself some responsibility, I've had three Syrian hamsters in the past when i was young and they're just sweet little things, obviously my parents did most of the looking after back then, i'd just help with feeding and occasionally with the cleaning out but now that i'm 21 she's completely my responsibility, something i'm lacking in my life right now. Of course it took some persuasion as we have two Jack Russell Terriers, if you're familiar with that breed of dog they instinctively hunt out rats, mice, anything that's small and moves basically which ultimately could end in disaster and heart break. So far they haven't even noticed her, i make sure my door is closed whenever i get her out of the cage and my family call out first before entering if they see it closed so it is all going pretty well in regards to no dog/hamster contact.

On Saturday 12th March, Myself and Alex went down to my local pet store, i'd actually gone in before picking him up from the station to see what hamsters they had, in that case i could go somewhere else in town if they hadn't one i loved. No worries there though i fell in love with two, the first one (the one i didn't get) was a short hair greyish-brown banded Syrian hamster, she was the tiniest of them all, i was almost certain i'd pick her out until a lady that worked there wanted to show me the one she liked, she lifted up the igloo and out popped many sleepy eyes including the furriest little grey hamster i'd ever seen now known as Ponyo! 

Ponyo and I are bonding really well, she has such a sweet temperament, she nibbles at my fingers sometimes if i smell like food but that doesn't hurt and she tried to bite me once when i attempted to remove her from her apple house, lesson learnt never wake a sleeping hamster and stick your fingers in her house, she doesn't appreciate the rude intrusion. She is letting me hold her so well now, i'm very proud of her, there is still so much to learn about her and being a hamster mum but i can already tell she takes after me because she sleeps all day long.

Keep up with Ponyo's Adventure's over on her blog, after all A Ponyo A Day Keeps The Sadness At Bay.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Visiting Twycross Zoo With Alex

Yesterday my boyfriend Alex and I visited Twycross Zoo, i went a short while ago with my Mum where we then purchased annual passes! Do you know what that means? I can go to the zoo everyday without it costing me anymore than the £50 for the pass, if i go one more time then i'll have already made it worth buying.

Of course we saw many adorable animals from the big elephants to the tiny lorikeets that you can see us both feeding above, one even landed on Alex's head! I love the enclosure's that you can interact with the animals in, at Twycross Zoo there are four, Lorikeet Landing, Walking With The Lemurs, Petting The Goats at the farm and The Butterfly Garden. To feed the Lorikeets they have two timings during the day and a limited number of nectar pots so they don't get too chubby, so make sure you get there early.

Both time's now that i've been in with the butterflies they have mistaken the bright red flowers on my bag for real one's, they must be so appealing yet such a disappointment, i have yet to get a snap of them on my bag but i will not give up.

Twycross Zoo have many rescued animals, including their elephants but not only that they also do a great job helping conservation for animals in the wild, take a look at their current conservation projects.

We found a photo booth near the gorilla enclosure and of course it was time to get pulling some funny faces, here is one of the beautiful photo's, can you tell we were having a wonderful time?
What animal's have you seen at the zoo recently?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Here comes a Newbie!

Hello & Welcome to my blog. Whilst i am accustomed to blogging, this type of blog is new to me and quite frankly i'm terrible at templates and coding, i hope we can watch my knowledge grow along with my blog.

So, Who is 'The Little Gremlin'?

Well, I am Amy a 21 year old illustration student, albeit on a very long gap year, i look to finish my studies in June 2017. I was originally to finish in June 2015, but that's a story for another time. What's the rush aye? I aspire to become a tattoo artist in the future, but for the same reasons as not being at university it's not quite the right time for me, but one day it most certainly will. I love animals and i recently volunteered in Thailand for a week with rescued elephants, no doubt i will make a post soon about that experience, i also support WWF and Sharks Trust. Bringing me on to my favourite things, sharks, Michael Jackson and Gremlins! You'll be hearing a lot about those three things in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this little intro and continue to follow me on my blogging journey. One last thing please check out my friend Len's blog The Dutch Story, she is my pen pal in Amsterdam and we've been corresponding for some time, it's her blog that has inspired me to go ahead and plunge into the lifestyle blogging world! Take care all and i'll see you next time.